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India Super-Session at GetGlobal 2017

The featured speakers are four prominent leaders in the US-India business space. This session includes a special focus on emergent opportunities in India for independent foreign producers, distributors, and others. Speakers include Mukesh Aghi, President of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, who addresses the Indian business landscape in 2018; Atman Trivedi, Managing Director of Hills…

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International Strategies: Insights From LinkedIn, Dropbox, Survey Monkey, Enplug, Mattel

Global expansion using digital strategies takes many forms and requires careful analysis, cultural sensitivity, strategy, instinct, and subtlety. This session will explore how some of the biggest brands in the digital space expand across borders and into people’s lives by using a wide variety of techniques and strategies. Moderating our session is Nanxi Liu the…

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Global Influence: Unleash The Potential of Local Influencers For International Success

Influencer marketing is not only a way to promote your company’s products, services, and initiatives domestically. Companies across industries can tap into the power of local influencers in foreign markets to expand brand awareness, reach new target audiences, and drive overseas sales. But it’s not always easy to bridge cultures, languages, and local social media…

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These Are Germany’s 4 Billion Dollar Startups

When it comes to thinking about so-called “unicorn” startups – those that are valued at $1 billion or more – two countries come to mind: America and China. America, of course, gave the world Uber, AirBNB, SpaceX, and WeWork: companies so embedded in the news and mass media that most in the west hardly think…

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Sharief Fahmy is Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi and has served since 2016. He also serves as CEO of Middle East General Enterprises (MGE), a Private Holding Company that provides business and investment solutions to the international business community in an array of specialties. Prior to MGE, Sharief was CEO of…

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Chinese Eatery With Only ONE Menu Item Is Coming To The U.S.A.

If simplicity, is, as Leonardo DaVinci said, “the ultimate sophistication,” then in a world of fusion cuisines and molecular grastronomy, Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice stands above all other restaurants in terms of sophistication. Founded in China’s Shandong province by Xiao Lu Yang in 2011, the restaurant has one item and one item only on its menu: the…

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