Sharief Fahmy is Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi and has served since 2016. He also serves as CEO of Middle East General Enterprises (MGE), a Private Holding Company that provides business and investment solutions to the international business community in an array of specialties. Prior to MGE, Sharief was CEO of…

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China’s Answers To Uber Are Expanding Globally

As the home market in China for ride-hailing apps plateaus and stabilizes, entrepreneurs are looking at the dashboard of global expansion for new opportunities. Just one year after Uber China merged with Beijing-based rival Didi Chuxing in a $35 billion deal that makes international expansion a key priority, competitor Shouqi Limousine and Chauffeur is racing to reach…

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How Taco Bell Won Over The World’s Most Vegetarian Country

At first glance, it seems like an unlikely relationship: a country where roughly a third of its citizens are vegetarians courted by an American company selling Mexican-inspired fast food primarily based on beef. It seems even more unlikely when that country is India: a country of 1.3 billion people – 79% of whom are Hindu…

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Dogs Of War: 4 Markets To Watch In Aerospace And Defense

As defense spending decreases in the U.S. and elsewhere following force reductions in Iraq and Afghanistan, defense contractors – who have been largely reliant on NATO countries – are finding that they must expand into territories outside the west. Though none of these match America’s $611 billion military budget, four markets in particular are very appealing…

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7 German Words That Perfectly Describe The Joys And Sorrows Of Work

Charlemagne once said that  “to have another language is to possess a second soul.” There are some feelings, some sentiments, some experiences, and some institutions whose spirit – or soul, if you will – can’t really be expressed in simple English. Fortunately, we have the linguistic wisdom of other cultures to draw from. German is one of…

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