Chinese Eatery With Only ONE Menu Item Is Coming To The U.S.A.

If simplicity, is, as Leonardo DaVinci said, “the ultimate sophistication,” then in a world of fusion cuisines and molecular grastronomy, Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice stands above all other restaurants in terms of sophistication. Founded in China’s Shandong province by Xiao Lu Yang in 2011, the restaurant has one item and one item only on its menu: the…

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China’s Answers To Uber Are Expanding Globally

As the home market in China for ride-hailing apps plateaus and stabilizes, entrepreneurs are looking at the dashboard of global expansion for new opportunities. Just one year after Uber China merged with Beijing-based rival Didi Chuxing in a $35 billion deal that makes international expansion a key priority, competitor Shouqi Limousine and Chauffeur is racing to reach…

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Alibaba Poised To Invest $500M Into Tokopedia As Indonesian Ecommerce Swells

If the rumors are true, Chinese titan Alibaba Group may be preparing to invest $500 million in Indonesia’s largest online retailer, PT Tokopedia. According to Indonesia Investments, this expansion of Alibaba’s holdings in ASEAN – which include last year’s acquisition of a $1 billion, 83 percent stake in Singapore e-commerce platform Lazada Group SA – underscores…

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Riot Games Sues Chinese Mobile Game Developer In U.S. Court: But There’s A Twist

2016 was a massive year for  video games: Superdata Research reports that the market was $91 billion worldwide, with $41 billion spent on mobile gaming alone. Meanwhile, the P.C. industry held its own claiming $34 billion, which the company notes was “driven largely by free-to-play online titles and downloadable games.” In fact, $18.6 billion belonged squarely to…

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India’s New Drone Deals Point To A Lucrative Arms Market

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visits to the United States and Israel have brought attention to the country’s new, simplified Goods and Services Tax that aims to make India more appealing to foreign investors, but there’s more to his tour than just photo-ops and economic discussion. Sources say that India has secured deals to…

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