These Are Germany’s 4 Billion Dollar Startups

When it comes to thinking about so-called “unicorn” startups – those that are valued at $1 billion or more – two countries come to mind: America and China. America, of course, gave the world Uber, AirBNB, SpaceX, and WeWork: companies so embedded in the news and mass media that most in the west hardly think…

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7 German Words That Perfectly Describe The Joys And Sorrows Of Work

Charlemagne once said that  “to have another language is to possess a second soul.” There are some feelings, some sentiments, some experiences, and some institutions whose spirit – or soul, if you will – can’t really be expressed in simple English. Fortunately, we have the linguistic wisdom of other cultures to draw from. German is one of…

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Glastonbury Huge Win For BBC, Ed Sheeran, And… Jeremy Corbyn?

The 2017 Glastonbury festival wrapped up on Sunday as a record-breaking success for the BBC, which has sole broadcasting rights to the five-day music event near Pilton, Somerset, England. Variety reports that stay-at-home viewers topped 20.9 million: an increase of 12% from last year. Ed Sheeran, who closed the show on Sunday night drove a huge share…

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