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These Are Germany’s 4 Billion Dollar Startups

When it comes to thinking about so-called “unicorn” startups – those that are valued at $1 billion or more – two countries come to mind: America and China. America, of course, gave the world Uber, AirBNB, SpaceX, and WeWork: companies so embedded in the news and mass media that most in the west hardly think…

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Chinese Eatery With Only ONE Menu Item Is Coming To The U.S.A.

If simplicity, is, as Leonardo DaVinci said, “the ultimate sophistication,” then in a world of fusion cuisines and molecular grastronomy, Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice stands above all other restaurants in terms of sophistication. Founded in China’s Shandong province by Xiao Lu Yang in 2011, the restaurant has one item and one item only on its menu: the…

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Sweet Success: An Interview With Former Pinkberry Global Development VP Ryan Patel – A GetGlobal 2017 Expert Speaker

As Director of Global Real Estate & Business Development at Pinkberry, Ryan Patel took the popular frozen yogurt chain to countries around the globe, expanding from 95 stores to over 260 worldwide in just 3 years. Later, after becoming Pinkberry’s Vice President of Global Development, Patel oversaw global business operations for stores in 23 countries, dealing with…

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How Taco Bell Won Over The World’s Most Vegetarian Country

At first glance, it seems like an unlikely relationship: a country where roughly a third of its citizens are vegetarians courted by an American company selling Mexican-inspired fast food primarily based on beef. It seems even more unlikely when that country is India: a country of 1.3 billion people – 79% of whom are Hindu…

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