Dogs Of War: 4 Markets To Watch In Aerospace And Defense

As defense spending decreases in the U.S. and elsewhere following force reductions in Iraq and Afghanistan, defense contractors – who have been largely reliant on NATO countries – are finding that they must expand into territories outside the west. Though none of these match America’s $611 billion military budget, four markets in particular are very appealing…

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Your Worst Nightmare: 3 Cyberattacks You Need To Prepare For

As Internet penetration increases around the world, so do the risks involved with global connectivity. The inherent fragility of online ecosystems was made abundantly clear in May and June of this year as tens of thousands of computers were held hostage by hackers wielding exceptionally sophisticated cyberweapons stolen from the American intelligence community. We spoke…

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India’s New Drone Deals Point To A Lucrative Arms Market

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visits to the United States and Israel have brought attention to the country’s new, simplified Goods and Services Tax that aims to make India more appealing to foreign investors, but there’s more to his tour than just photo-ops and economic discussion. Sources say that India has secured deals to…

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Could This Lie-Detecting Kiosk Change Air Travel And Security?

San Diego State University assistant professor Aaron C. Elkins has developed a new type of airport kiosk that can help authorities find travelers who are lying, smuggling, or otherwise engaged in possibly criminal activity. The Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real Time (AVATAR) utilizes technology that, like its human counterparts, observes and assesses unconscious…

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