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Sharief Fahmy is Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi and has served since 2016. He also serves as CEO of Middle East General Enterprises (MGE), a Private Holding Company that provides business and investment solutions to the international business community in an array of specialties. Prior to MGE, Sharief was CEO of…

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Where are the Risks and Rewards for Tech Startups?

You’ve had your own company, ReadWrite, go global, and watch other companies do the same, so you’re well positioned to talk about how companies expand in foreign markets. Looking at the world now, what are the biggest opportunities for tech companies in foreign markets in 2017?   We saw huge growth in previous years, and…

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Where Are the Strongest Areas for Growth in Healthcare?

How would you characterize the last year in terms of opportunity and risk for healthcare? It’s been an interesting year for companies in the healthcare space globally. At Albright Stonebridge Group, I spend a considerable amount of time working with healthcare clients, whether they be pharmaceutical or device clients, service providers, or non-profits. China has…

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Southeast Asia: Best Kept Secret for Growth and Opportunity

“The ASEAN region has seven “unicorn startups” What do you see as the biggest opportunities and biggest risks in 2017 for U.S. businesses in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region? Despite uncertainty in the global environment, the ASEAN region is forecasted to have an average rate of growth above 5 percent GDP per…

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