GetGlobal’s second yearGetGlobal’s second year explored the range of issues that growth-minded companies and executives are facing in the world today


In their own words

GetGlobal featured numerous executives, experts, and practitioners telling their story about how they’ve expanded and triumphed internationally.

Noel Lee, CEO of Monster, Inc — Shared with us his philosophy about what it takes to build a company that resonates, even if you are making and selling goods that were previously considered commoditized products. He sat down with marketer, influencer, and GetGlobal advisor Cynthia Johnson for an interview expanding on those ideas for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Digital Domination — International strategists who were responsible for the first and largest cross-border expansions at LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, and Dropbox offered their insights into what it takes to enter new markets with speed and cultural fluency. Joining them was Henry Hsu from Mattel with advice on how legacy brands can evolve and grow in high-value markets like China. And moderating the session was a founder undergoing rapid expansion herself, Nanxi Liu of Enplug. Listen to the live audio of this session at GetGlobal’s podcast here.

Influence Today — Influencers are an ultra hot topic these days, not only for consumer-focused companies, but even B2B and B2G companies as well. We had a packed house session at GetGlobal 2017 with some savvy analysts of influencer marketing that you won’t want to miss. Listen to the live audio of this session at GetGlobal’s podcast here.

What China Wants — We also featured a rapid-fire session on what works in China from a panel of leaders from SOSV, Mattel, 500 Startups, and more with deep experience in getting products out to market in China. Don’t miss these tips in the live audio podcast.


For more, visit our podcast in the iTunes Store for selections from GetGlobal 2017’s live audio feed, or check out our YouTube channel for select video sessions from the webcast.

Social Anxiety, Economic Prosperity

During the speakers dinner as well as in our panel on global trends, former ambassador Thomas Pickering observed that while there is economic vibrancy and robust growth in most countries in the world today, this is accompanied — strangely — by deep social and political anxiety. While the results of this anxiety would likely yield continued unexpected political outcomes, the most difficult variable to predict would be when and how the economic story would begin to change. Already we are seeing telling signs that social pressure is producing political pressure to make risky economic decisions.


GetGlobal always includes discussions on the world of policy because policy and politics do so much to dictate the rules of the road for companies of all sizes. Several sessions explored key factors that could mean big changes for companies operating internationally.

  • Japan Super-Session — With a GDP of nearly $5 trillion, Japan is the third largest economy in the world after the United States and China. It is important not only for its major manufacturers and national champions, but also for its domestic market and its investor class seeking international opportunities — many of which are watching the United States closely. This session at GetGlobal explored the prospects for new opportunities and vitality, and risk, in the US-Japan relationship. Much of this is determined through personality, as venerable Japan expert Glen Fukushima explained first at GetGlobal and then in the pages of the New York Review of Books, which you can read here (insert link to PDF).
  • NAFTA — We had the benefit of having one of NAFTA’s negotiators, Salvador Behar Lavalle at GetGlobal on our global trends panel to explain how he views North American relations and Mexico’s options today.

GetGlobal Dubai

GetGlobal was welcomed to Dubai by our partner Citi, as well as UPS, Auerbach International, and American Business Council Dubai. We explored key topics as Dubai’s influence increases to bear direct relevance to many of China’s initiatives, India, and the broader Middle East.

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