** Agenda subject to change. **

8am - Coffee


9:00 am - What China Wants: Keeping a Fresh Value Proposition

China’s business and consumer landscape evolves at such a fast pace that foreign companies large and small are routinely left behind, sometimes without even knowing the market has moved on without them. We have pulled together a top-notch panel of practitioners who are on the bleeding edge of market trends and consumer behavior to share their key insights for staying on top of China’s market evolution.

Featured Speakers

- Margaret Wong, California Center and McWong
- William Bao Bean, SOSV
-Edith Yeung, 500 Startups
- Henry Hsiao, Mattel

9:40 am - Special Remarks from Israel Hernandez, Department of Commerce

Featured Speakers
- Israel Hernandez, Deputy Chief of Staff, Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for International Affairs at US Dept of Commerce


10:00am - Still Three Amigos? US, Canada, & Mexico: Opportunity & Strategy in World’s Largest Trade Bloc

The United States may trade substantial volume with China, but because the US exports more than twice the value of products shipped to both Mexico and Canada, there is no question that they are critically important markets for most American companies. This session explores market dynamics currently afoot in Canada, the US, and Mexico, and looks ahead to how NAFTA is developing and may help or hinder holistic North American strategies.

Featured Speakers
- Tanya Woods, Entertainment Software Association Canada (moderator)
- Laura Dawson, Wilson Center
- Michael Camunez, Monarch Strategies
- Salvador Behar Lavalle, Mexican Ministry of the Economy


10:45am - Leading & Managing Across Cultures

Different times and different cultures require different styles of leadership. The world is going through tremendous change, and Elisabetta Bartoloni will share her insights on comparative leadership styles to solve many of the problems facing international companies today.

Featured Speaker
- Elisabetta Bartoloni — Heidrick & Struggles, Partner


11 am - Reaching a Billion Eyes: How Sony Resonates Worldwide

Andy Kaplan, president of Sony Pictures, will be interviewed by international media veteran Ken Silverman. Mr. Kaplan will address Sony's global television strategies and impact, as well as where the international television field is headed over the next decade. He will also detail Sony's India experience wherein it has become the country's #1 international television organization.

Featured Speakers:
- Andy Kaplan — President, Sony Pictures Television
-Ken Silverman — Head of North America, Sannam S4


11:40am - Vistra: A Primer on Light International Expansion

Companies are expanding faster and farther than ever before. How? Why? Is it because they’re so good? Or because they have had help from a new breed of service provider? The last 10-15 years has seen an explosion in the kinds of services that can assist companies to easily overcome what have traditionally been risky and difficult challenges. Vistra will discuss some of the kinds of the challenges that can be overcome through

Featured Speakers:
- Benjamin Fielding — Deputy MD, International Expansion, Vistra

12:00pm - Insights from the Frontlines of Globalization

Globalization has accelerated the free movement of goods, services, capital, information, and people at breathtaking speed since the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of information technologies. And in many ways that acceleration hasn’t slowed down, only changed. UPS sees the world’s trends and shifts in many cases before anyone else. What is UPS seeing today? What is the character and feeling of today’s globalization? Noel Massie has thought-provoking answers...

Featured Speakers:
- Noel Massie — UPS, US Operations Manager


12:30pm -  Europe Super-Session (presented by Lufthansa)

Europe’s economies and markets seem to be poised for stability and growth, as well as a good measure of political stability with major elections out of the way. What is to come as opportunities? What is to come as challenges? This panel looks at what is in store for the European market.

Featured Speakers:
- Andrea Glorioso, European Commission delegation to the United States
- George Tilesch, Innomine


1:00pm - My Recipe for Global Success: Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation

Featured Speaker:
- Noel Lee — CEO and Chief Monster, Monster Inc.


2:00pm - Taking Pinkberry Global

Ryan Patel helped take Pinkberry from just 95 locations to 265 stores in 23 countries in under five years. From strategy to market entry, Ryan was tasked with handling most of the major tasks and feats of getting the stores, the secret ingredients, the partnerships, the sourcing, and the marketing all to perform well as a global brand to local specifications.

Cynthia Johnson, the globally recognized media and marketing leader, will discuss with Ryan how he took on the job of taking Pinkberry around the world.

Featured Speakers:
- Ryan Patel — Contributor, CNN; Pinkberry, former VP Global Development
- Cynthia Johnson — Co-Founder & CEO, Bell + Ivy


2:30pm - Making Sense of Today’s Global Political Landscape

The global geopolitical landscape is changing how many countries think of their priorities, which includes economic ties, incentives, and trade agreements. As the Trump administration forges its approach to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America as a whole, what can companies expect to see both from their own government and the government of their receiving countries? This panel explores how policy and perception will have effects on how companies do international business in the years ahead.

Featured Speakers:
- Thomas Pickering, former US Ambassador to UN, former Boeing
- Glen Fukushima, Center for American Progress, former CEO Airbus Japan
- Darrell Bricker, CEO, Ipsos Canada
- Spencer Abraham, former Secretary of Energy
- Nina Hachigian, LA Deputy Mayor for International Affairs, former Ambassador


3:00pm - Japan Super-Session

Japan has the third largest economy in the world, and while it holds tremendous promise for companies in a wide array of industries, it is also challenging — and warrants a careful study of culture. This session is joined by leaders with wide and deep experience in dealing with many critical aspects of Japan’s current business climate, its economic outlook, and key trends shaping. Also joining the session is a former ambassador with the Japanese foreign ministry who will discuss Japan’s priorities toward the United States and Asia in a post-TPP world.

Featured Speakers:
- Glen Fukushima (moderator)
- Tomoko Kizawa, Deloitte
- Thomas McLain, Hogan Lovells
- Mark Schultz, Recruit Holdings
- Oshima, former Japanese Ambassador


3:00pm - Techwanderlust Germany -- A Practical Guide to Germany's Tech Landscape (Theatre 4)

You love German cars and want to drive on the Autobahn? You love German beer and dream of going to the Oktoberfest? And you want to expand your business to Germany – Europe’s strongest economy? But where to start to find customers and sell your products or services? Let us guide you through the German Tech Landscape – from hipster Berlin, famous for its entrepreneurial spirit, to prosperous Munich, where big business awaits

Featured Speakers:
- Antonia Zierer, Executive Director at Invest in Bavaria
- Jeorg Kemkes, Partner at Reuter Partner
- Klaus Brisch, Partner of DWF and Global Head of Technology


3:45pm -  India Super-Session

US Companies Success in India - 2018. The featured speakers are four preeminent leaders in the US-India business space. Included will be a special focus on Coming India Opportunities for Independent US Producers, Distributors, and Others. Speakers include Mukesh Aghi, President of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, who'll address the Indian business landscape in 2018; Atman Trivedi, Managing Director of Hills &Co., who will address the view from Washington, D.C., Ken Naz, longtime former President of the Americas for Indian film giant Eros International, who'll share the perspective of the world's largest global distributor of Indian motion pictures, and, attorney Arnold Peter, Esq., an activist deal maker, executive and producer in US-India cross-border M&E. Arnold will share views on the roles of independents in and with India. The India Super Panel will be moderated by Mr. Silverman, Head, North America for Sannam S4 Group, and Chairman of the South Asia Studies Association.

Featured Speakers:
- Mukesh Aghi— President, US-India Strategic Partnership Forum
- Ken Naz —  Former President, Eros International Media Ltd.
- Arnold Peter, Esq.— Principal, Peter Law Group
- Ken Silverman— Head of North America, Sannam S4 Group; Chairman & CEO South Asian Studies Association
- Atman Trivedi — Managing Director, Hills & Co.


4:30pm-International Strategies:
Insights from LinkedIn, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, Mattel, & TechStars

Global expansion using digital strategies takes many forms and requires careful analysis, strategy, instinct, and subtlety. This session will explore how some of the biggest brands in the digital space expand across borders and into people’s lives by using a wide variety of techniques and strategies.

Featured Speakers:
- Mod: Kevin Tapply, TechStars (Moderator)
- Talia Baruch, LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey
- Tony Huie, Dropbox
- Henry Hsiao, Mattel



5:15pm - The UK and Europe after Brexit – A Practical Approach for Doing Business

The UK has spoken and will leave the EU in April 2019. And now you’re wondering: how will Brexit impact my business in Europe? Our experts from Europe’s largest markets Germany and the UK will shed light on current political and economic developments and answer your questions about doing business in Europe.

Featured Speakers:
- Antonia Zierer, Executive Director at Invest in Bavaria
- Jeorg Kemkes, Partner at Reuter Partner
- Klaus Brisch, Partner of DWF and Global
- Melissa Harkcom, Director of North America at Fitzgerald & Law


6:00pm - Happy Hour Networking