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Activism, Results, & Black Lives in 2020

Everywhere all at once the urgency and demand to stand by the black community saturated the Twitter timelines, email inboxes, and internal communication platforms of every company in the United States. Most employees wanted an answer to the questions, "Do I work for an anti-racist company? Do my executives believe in this struggle? And are we doing everything we can to be on the right side of history?" External stakeholders wanted to know where companies stood on racial justice. Meanwhile, for many activists and organizers, the view was a chaotic social reaction of inspiration, confusion, diversity, opportunity, and of course darker elements they'd seen for a long time. 

This brief session with the brother-sister duo of activist founders of Black Lives Matter Greater New York will dive into their timeline of events from the hot days of summer and protests, through various reactions in the media, to the handful of policy wins they influenced and yielded, where their movement and society are going, what the media got right and wrong about the movement — and how companies can be participants in building a better future.

  • Chivona Newsome, President & Founder at Black Lives Matter Greater New York; former Congressional Candidate
  • Hawk Newsome, Chairman & Founder at Black Lives Matter Greater New York
  • Host: Julian Leuthold, Founder & CEO, GetGlobal

Changing Society & Demographics in the US

You've probably seen the widely discussed ads from The Lincoln Project by now, but informing this group of renegade Republicans is decades of political experience and up-to-date investments in the latest voter data. Mike Madrid, one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, will be looking at how society and demography are changing, and what this means not only to the election but also to business and social stability in the months and years ahead. 

  • Mike Madrid, Co-Founder at The Lincoln Project

Managing Growth: Impossible Foods & That's It.

The onset of the pandemic was a shock to some companies as their horizons for growth were altered, in some cases in positive ways and others in simply more complicated ways. Issues ranging from communications strategies, market entry challenges, supply chain and distribution management, and interacting with partners became more important than they had been just before the virus struck. This session will explore some of the issues that Impossible Foods and That’s It have faced as they have embarked and continued in opening new markets. 

  • Jordan Sadowsky — Director of Global Expansion at Impossible Foods
  • Katie Eshuys — VP, International at That’s It. 

Leadership in Crisis: Navigating and Negotiating Through Change

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past seven months it is that genuine leadership is hard. Maintaining one’s vision through uncertainty and change, keeping a healthy sense of flexibility, staying optimistic and focused, and understanding the needs of all your key stakeholders have been excruciatingly complicated through these months, and there’s more need for pioneering leadership now more than ever. This session will explore these themes and provide keys and solutions.

  • Dr. Sarah Haynes — Founder, Dr. Haynes Collective; 
  • Mori Taheripour — Faculty at Wharton School; Principal at MT Global Strategies

Japan Update

Veteran Japan analyst and longtime executive in Japan, Glen S. Fukushima, dissects recent events in society, politics, the economy, and the US-Japan relationship to give deep insight into the ground realities of doing business there. 

  • Glen S. Fukushima — Senior Fellow at Center for American Progress; Former Executive and Trade Official

Election Preview: Society, Politics, & The Way Forward For Business

There is much that is riding on the coming election — the economy, public health, global relationships and posture, trade, security, and social cohesion are all factors that could change depending on what happens at the ballot box with regard to the White House, the Senate, the House, but also in society more generally. This preview is presented from a clinical, analytical, and nonpartisan perspective for the sake of advising business on the short, medium, and long term risks and opportunities. 

  • Jonathan Wood — Lead Analyst of US & Canada and Deputy Global Research Director at Control Risks

Global & Domestic Views on Environment, Society, & Governance

Risks and opportunities related to environment, society, and governance (ESG) are front and center for many companies as they take into account all of their stakeholders to put themselves on the strongest footing possible as the winds of change sweep through the global economy. Whether they are thinking of recruitment and retention strategies, brand risks, government affairs, relationships with citizen groups, supply chains, or other attendant issues, this is a critical time to look into what has remained constant, what has changed, and especially what the current moment is revealing about ESG truths in the global marketplace. 

  • Iain Donald — US & Canada Country Manager at Control Risks
  • Silke Goldberg — Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills

China Update

Generally speaking, China is the number one area of interest and concern for most participants in GetGlobal, and for good reason: it’s enormous domestic market, its critical position in global supply chains, its controversial policies, and its growing cohort of globally competitive companies — among other reasons — has forced every executive to keep a close watch on market developments there. This session brings together stalwarts of the China-watching community Craig Allen and James McGregor, along with Steve Stine, to dissect fact, fiction, and open questions about the world’s second largest economy. 

  • Craig Allen — President of the US-China Business Council
  • James McGregor — Global China Chairman at APCO
  • Moderator: Steve Stine — Managing Director & Founder of Inside Asia Podcast

LATAM Update

For disciplined and strategic companies, Latin America is often a priority due to its enthusiastic consumer class, similar cultural attitudes, and its broad array of opportunities for many industries. But it comes with longstanding challenges that companies have had to learn how to navigate in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and the US’s key USMCA partner Mexico. There are many issues that have become more complicated under the past seven months, as economies across the region have struggled to keep up critical industries such as tourism and manage abiding economic themes (particularly Argentina). But with challenge comes opportunity, and this team of A-list analysts is exactly what companies need to develop forward-thinking strategies to position themselves for success in Latin America. They spoke to a special roundtable session for GetGlobal several months ago, and their efficiency in dealing with the breadth and depth of important topics, and in offering advice to our participants was a masterclass in business-oriented analysis.

  • Gabrielle Trebat — Managing Director for Brazil & Southern Cone at McLarty Associates
  • Alma Caballero — Director for Mexico at McLarty Associates
  • Kezia McKeague — Director for Argentina & Cuba at McLarty Associates

Special Lunchtime Session

Interview with Susan Glasser: Power, Policy, & Washington DC Today

Susan Glasser is one of the most revered journalists in Washington, DC today. Her weekly column in The New Yorker, “Letters From Trump’s Washington” is a must-read for anyone navigating DC today, and her deep background in covering the international political and social realm give her a shrewd eye for seeing the far-reaching effects of decisions and trends developing in Washington today. 


Her new book co-authored with her husband Peter Baker (NYT), The Man Who Ran Washington, is a biography of one of the most influential operators the Beltway has seen in the past fifty years, former Secretary of State James Baker III. 


GetGlobal founder, Julian Leuthold, will discuss with Glasser what is going on in Washington, DC today that is relevant to the election ahead, the political, economic, and social outlook for the near future, and how power dynamics have changed since Baker’s influence was a constant force in DC politics — and where they are going. Naturally, all of this will have implications for business, and Julian will ask Glasser for her insights on how Republicans and Democrats are organizing themselves for whichever candidate wins in November, and what that will mean for the country and the world. 

  • Susan Glasser — Staff Writer, The New Yorker & Author of The Man Who Ran Washington
  • Discussant: Julian Leuthold — Founder, GetGlobal

Pivots & Transformations: Travel, Tourism & Food

Whether your company is in travel, tourism, or food, or none of those, this session will be a valuable one for looking at how these industries have managed to take their situation under coronavirus and social transformation and make meaningful contributions to their stakeholders. Roaming Hunger has leveraged their relationships and assets to provide social good through pioneering exciting new initiatives. LA Tourism has used their communications channels and relationships to advance the tourism industry of Los Angeles and support their members as they navigate their complex set of global challenges. 

  • Adam Burke — President & CEO of LA Tourism
  • Ross Resnick — CEO of Roaming Hunger
  • Moderator: Renee Blake — Senior Marketing & Communications Executive; former Chief Creative Officer at eBay

Southeast Asia Update

While most regions have struggled to handle the impacts of coronavirus, southeast Asia seems to have met the moment with alacrity and skill. Discussions surrounding decoupling and shifting comparative advantages across Asia remain constantly relevant to this region, making it one of the most important investment and expansion landscapes in the world. 

  • Adam Schwarz — Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer, at Asia Group Advisors
  • Steve Stine — Managing Director & Founder of Inside Asia Podcast
  • Ziyang Fan —  Head of Digital Trade World Economic Forum

Remote Talent, Immigration, & Managing a Distributed Workforce

A perfect storm has hit the world of workforce mobility, recruitment, immigration, and international workforce management — and that means that leaders need to avail themselves of every insight for keeping everything from operations, to customer service, to innovation and sales moving steadily to outpace competitors and market forces. This session will explore how leaders can leverage global workforces to optimize their domestic and international activities. 

  • Carol Mello — Regional Alliances at Safeguard Global

Social Good in Practice Under Coronavirus & Social Change: An Update & The Road Ahead

Programs focused on social good are all the rage these days, and when coronavirus and then the racial uprisings roiled the United States over the past six months, it became clear to many careful observers who was serious about their values and who had simply grafted them onto their corporate identity. For the companies who were genuine in their commitment to their values, it was relatively easy to be of assistance to their stakeholders — and their results made headlines. This session will explore how these companies developed their values, how they are maintained, and what occurred in the heated moments when their values were tested. 

  • Chris Miller — Head of Global Activism Strategy at Ben & Jerry’s
  • Jessica Appelgren — VP of Communications at Impossible Foods
  • Alyssa Mason — Founder of The Conversation Truck and Head of Accounts at RMNG

Cyber, Tech, China, and Your Company

These past few years have shown time and again how international political headlines can be the stuff of everyday anxiety or opportunity for many companies. And in no binational corridor is that quite as pronounced as the one with the United States and China. Everything from intellectual property theft, mischief on social networks, questions surrounding data collection and sharing policies of platforms such as TikTok and WeChat, and workaday cybersecurity concerns are the constant background hum in the minds of many executives. And now with work from home complicating information security, and arm-wrestling over the ownership of TikTok making headlines, these phenomena warrant careful and practical examinations and insights. This session will provide an update on these issues, as well as tips to protecting your company and its most vital assets. 

  • Susan Kohn Ross — Partner at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp 

India Update

As the world’s most populous democracy and one of the key ascendant economies and powers on the world stage, India rightly attracts the attention of most executives. But it is a complex market requiring clear sight into ground truths and a sense of how the country’s cultural, social, political, and economic phenomena interact to produce realities that every business operating there needs to contend with. This session will be an overview of the country’s current business operating environment, with insights into its society, politics, economy, and overall corporate mood regarding the market. 

  • Atman Trivedi — Managing Director at Hills & Company